61 Day Challenge Daily Workouts

It is truly wonderful to see the 61 Day Challenge, and all it entails, so eagerly embraced by members of the DMC team. Michael, the Laboratory Supervisor
at the Harper STAT Lab, recently emailed me the following video, which you can view by clicking HERE.
Michael writes,
“Here is a video of my lab assistants doing one of their daily workouts that began as part of their 61 day challenge – they have been doing 3 or 4 for a 1 minute impromptu during their shift whenever the mood strikes them.”
Keep up the good work everyone!
Join the 61 Day Challenge! Visit www.61DayChallenge.com

The Earth’s Special Blessing

This week is Nurses Week, a special week. We honored the wonderful nurses at DMC Harper Hutzel Hospital with a Nurses Week Celebration, and below you will find my poem that I read at the event, as well as a gallery of pictures (which you can also view here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjXWwbAW). Join me in thanking our nurses this week, and every week, they deserve it.

The Earth’s Special Blessing
by Reginald J Eadie, MD

In the beginning were God’s creations
what He made for man was a treat,
But when He took -that final glance
He saw -his work was still incomplete

So He created the doctor as best He could
But the patient’s approval was without stamp
So He gave a vision to his daughter named Florence
and declared her “the one with the lamp”

Because He needed a heart -that was full of compassion
And a hand with a soft tender touch,
He needed an eye that could see in dark times
And a voice that never cried “it’s too much”

He needed more empathy and tad bit more sympathy
Spread across this great land
Needed Someone to do what nobody else will,
In a way that nobody else can!

The mold of perfection, the sacrifice of a saint,
To create Earth’s much needed gift
But with sickness and pain encroaching his people
His work- impeccable, yet swift

He told His Angels: go prepare a place
Of serenity in the heavens above
Because the human beings who assumed this role,
Will need peace and redemptive love

Because they give -when there’s nothing left,
and they hope -even when futile
For the down and out, the sick and shut-in
They smile and make life worthwhile

A profession was needed -to subdue sorrow,
Pain and hurt to curse
For God so loved the world, you see
That He blessed it with a Nurse

Thank you

So here’s a toast to the work you do,
and for bringing such good cheer!
Please stand and help me congratulate
our Nurses of the Year:
Patricia Couzens, Dana Wolak and James Reppert


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Going The Extra Mile


This past Wednesday we honored Harper-Hutzel employees who provide exceptional customer service at the 2014 GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Awards. The ceremonial presentation took place place in the Kresge Auditorium and was followed by a  reception for honorees and their guests, managers and directors.

The GEM Award is our highest employee honor at Harper and Hutzel Hospitals. Department managers and directors select employees for each award. The honorees are role models who fulfill customer service standards and are willing to provide service beyond expectations.  Congratulations to our 2014 GEM honorees!


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. Henry Van Dyke

Today, on the eve of my return to work, please allow me share a few thoughts and express my deep gratitude for the wonderful team we have here at Harper-Hutzel.

As an Administrator, our role, every day, is to support the people that work here in the hopes that they will, in turn, provide the best possible care and experience to each patient that comes through our doors. Every patient deserves nothing less than that. It is one thing to come to these doors as an Administrator. We live it every day, on the weekends, on vacation (at least this Administration does…no shrinking violets here!). And, because we do this every day, we are the pros (or, we like to think that we are). However, it is completely different to see our institution through the eyes of a patient, until you become a patient.

When I walked through these doors the other Friday with my parents, I did not feel my “all Miss Confident self”…how could I?…my role had significantly changed. I went from always helping others and being a resource, to being the person in need of help and answers. It was clear to me what needed to be done, but I had little (beside prayer) to do with getting to the “done” part. It is in this position that you have to rely on the experts and trust that you have made the right decision in the selection of where you should receive your care. And this is what each patient, weather they know it or not, goes through when they enter the hospital.

My total experience here was wonderful. I could have not written a script for a better outcome! From registration, Pre-Op, the Doctors, Post/Op, transportation, 2 Brush Staff, food service, Patient and Family Centered Care, housekeeping, all points of service were top notch! In addition, I can’t say thank you enough for all of you who made Helen and Henry feel so comfortable, at ease, and like family. They were very impressed with everyone. They feel that I work at a very special place (and trust me…it ain’t easy to impress Queen Helen…trust me!). I can’t agree more. I am also appreciative of all of you who came by to visit me while in house, and that have checked in on me while at home last week. All your thoughts and acts of kindness are so deeply appreciated.

So tomorrow, I come to work (if the badge still works), with a deeper appreciation for the work we do every day. And while I would not want to have to be a patient again to feel this way, I will always have something to remind me of why I do what I do every day. God bless you all and see you in the AM!

Tonita R. Cheatham, Director
Public Relations & Marketing
Harper University Hospital
Hutzel Women’s Hospital

 Thank you is the best prayer that anyone can say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility and understanding. Alice Walker

Harper-Hutzel/CVI Hosts Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine Medical Job Shadow Day

As medical professionals, it is our responsibility to train the next generation of physicians and clinicians. Experiences like the one below provide practical and realistic applications to learning medicine that tremendously enhance the student experience.


Last week, sixty “future docs” from the Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine visited DMC Harper-Hutzel and CVI. This tremendous career opportunity, done in partnership with the MSU School of Osteopathic Medicine, provided aspiring future medical students with “hands on” experiences in hospital education. 

Students who want to be either a physician, nurse, physician assistant, pharmacist or other health care professional, were exposed to the day-to-day expectations of professionals in these roles.

“We’re enormously proud of our Future Docs program and our partnerships with Ben Carson High School and the DMC,” says MSUCOM Dean William Strampel. “We are committed to activities like Medical Job Shadow Day that help connect Detroit’s young people with our students and graduates and expose them to the possibilities for careers in health care.”

The day’s activities included physician and other healthcare professionals/student interaction in the Emergency Department, Operating Room and Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Click here for more photos from the event.