DMC message reaches international audience at Clinton Health Summit

23982753623_2d65a81a43_hOn Monday, Jan. 25, DMC’s mission of healthier communities reached an international audience as Dr. Reginald Eadie joined a distinguished panel hosted by former President Bill Clinton. Tenet Healthcare CEO Trevor Fetter was among the guests at The Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Summit and made opening remarks

Monday’s session was titled: The Quest for Longevity and Our Rising Death Rates. The panel centered on several elements that affect health, including equal access, environment, happiness, and also personal choice.

Introducing Dr. Eadie as one reason why Detroit has a bright future, Clinton turned the discussion to some of the initiatives underway at DMC.

Dr. Eadie talked about how the 61 Day Challenge has helped DMC employees and community members take control of their health. He also discussed the intensive medical and nutritional support that will be needed to address the health concerns resulting from the Flint water crisis. Most importantly, Dr. Eadie described the approach he believes will bring the health message home for the masses. He called it “education through explanation.”

“It was a privilege to be the voice chosen to share with the nation some of the great things we are doing here at the DMC and in the metro area to improve the health of the community,” Dr. Eadie said. “It was validation that some of the things we are doing are best practices. In addition, I was able to learn what others are doing across the country. It was also a reminder that Detroit is not unique, and we like other parts of the country still have a lot of work to do.”

Dr. Eadie explained to the audience how getting out into the community and educating people to the importance of health insurance helped bolster the numbers of people signing up for affordable healthcare. He talked about how patient education has helped DMC as a pioneer Accountable Care Organization bring down the astronomical costs of caring for patients with chronic diseases. Dr. Eadie also made a direct connection between the success of the 61-Day Challenge and educating people about what a habit like excessive sugar consumption actually does to the body.

It was an idea that clearly impressed Clinton, who returned for further discussion on Dr. Eadie’s “education through explanation” concept. Dr. Eadie also identified reduced obesity rates as the one thing he believes would save more lives.

Joining him on the panel were Dr. Ellen Meara, Associate Professor of Health Policy and Clinical Practice at Dartmouth College; Dr. J. Craig Venter, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of the J. Craig Venter Institute; and Dr. Dan Buettner, Author and National Geographic Fellow.

DMC’s Social Media Team live tweeted the session and captured these PHOTOS.

Watch the full panel and other Health Matters Summit Highlights HERE.

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