Annual “61 Day Challenge” to Kick Off With Gala Fun-Fest at DMC on Oct 30th

15677451492_f4fa74be1c_kHave you heard the good news?

And are you ready to join the celebration . . . on Friday, October 30th (ten a.m. to noon) at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Auditorium in midtown Detroit?

That’s when the 2015 KICK OFF of the yearly 61 Day Challenge will highlight the start of another exciting two months of eating better, exercising more and learning more about good health and nutrition for all of us in Detroit and southeast Michigan!

Okay . . . so right now a few of you might be asking yourselves: “What is the 61 Day Challenge, anyway?”

Here’s the answer, in exactly 29 words: The Challenge is a voluntary health education campaign (sponsored by the DMC) that emphasizes fitness, good nutrition and health education – along with some strong-minded commitment from everyone involved.

The Challenge is also a great opportunity for Detroit-area citizens of all ages to share the pay-off of getting healthier by cutting back on empty calories, engaging in more exercise and learning more about good nutrition.

This year’s Challenge Motto says it all: “Less sugar, more steps, EAT MORE FRUIT!”

My friends, as the president of both DMC Harper Hospital and DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital, I’ve long been convinced that education about good nutrition and the health-value of exercise is the key to improving our health.

Which is precisely why several of my colleagues and I decided to launch the yearly Challenge as a community health-education program a few years ago.

For me and my fellow healthcare providers at the DMC, the 2015 Challenge Motto hits the nail squarely on the head.  Why?  Because if we can eat less fat and less sugar by eating less candy, soda pop and fried foods . . . while also exercising more and adding nutritious fruit to our daily diet, we’ll be well on our way to success at significantly improving our health.

Of course, the October 30th KICK OFF of this year’s Challenge will also be highlighted by the gung-ho participation of our 2015 “Challenge Community Partners” – all of whom will be taking this year’s Challenge Pledge.  This year’s lineup of Community Partners includes:

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated

Illitch Holdings

Cornerstone Health High School

Medical Weight Loss Clinic

DRH Employee Engagement Committee

Quicken Loans

Harper Employee Engagement Committee

US Department of Probations

The Links – Renaissance Chapter (Detroit)

Sounds like a pretty hard-hitting lineup, don’t you think?

As always, this year’s Challenge KICK OFF promises to be a high-spirited shindig full of colorful balloons, flying confetti, music, laughter and several interesting presentations by our fired-up Community Partners.

It’s going to be an exciting blast-off for sure . . . and I’m already looking forward to seeing you there!

To learn more about the KICK OFF event, contact Tonita Cheatham at 313-966-4012 or





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