Type 1 Diabetes Care In Schools…

The always informative New York Times Health section has another article which caught my eye. The focus of this piece is Type 1 Diabetes in the young, and how these children are often denied the opportunity to participate in field trips and school sports, and in one example barred from attending certain schools…

“Unlike Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity and inactivity, Type 1 is an autoimmune condition that leads to destruction of cells in the pancreas, which normally produce the insulin needed to regulate blood sugar.”

Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant secretary in the federal Education Department’s civil rights office is quoted in the article as saying:

“Without question, we do continue to see discrimination against students with Type 1 diabetes in schools in ways I find distressing. We see schools that say, ‘We can’t serve you because you have a disability.’”

With dwindling support from school budgets for school nurses, and an inability (or unwillingness) amongst some schools to monitor blood sugar or administer insulin injections, this article highlights a very real problem for children with Type 1 diabetes. You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

Mo Minard & The DMC 61 Day Challenge


Mo Minard

Hello, all.

In today’s edition of Paging Dr. Eadie, I’d like to begin by telling you about an outstanding Detroit Medical Center (DMC) professional named Imana “Mo” Minard.

Ms. Minard is the highly skilled MSN-RN who for the past several years has been managing both the Emergency Department and the Clinical Decision Unit here at the DMC.

She has impressive credentials and a well-earned reputation as a savvy manager who never loses her cool, regardless of the situation in the Emergency Department.

But I’m also quite impressed by a recent personal decision Ms. Minard made – the decision to join this year’s 61 Day Health Challenge, so she can begin losing some of that extra weight she says she hasn’t enjoyed carrying around with her during the past few years.

To show you why I’m excited for her, please let me back up for a second and explain a couple of things.

First of all you should know that 42-year-old Mo Minard is an accomplished healthcare professional . . . a disciplined manager with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in nursing.  (She also spent more than ten years as an emergency paramedic with the City of Detroit Fire Department, so you know she’s a veteran pro with the courage and the savvy required to take care of business in any emergency setting.)

Mo’s tough, for sure.

But just like the rest of us, she’s also very human.

And when her beloved father, Tony Moore, died suddenly a couple of years back, Mo went into an extended period of agonizing grief.

As she struggled to come to terms with her shattering loss, she took comfort wherever she could.

“Food can be very comforting,” Mo was explaining just the other day, “and it never talks back to you.  You can always count on it to be there when you need it.  And while I was struggling with my dad’s death, I ate almost constantly.”

After more than two years of this excessive over-eating, Mo says she’s now afraid to get on the scale: “I can’t face what I know it will tell me,” she explained with a sigh of alarm.  “I’m sure I’ve gained 50-60 pounds, and I must be up near 300 pounds, at this point.”

In recent months, however, Mo has become increasingly determined to start shedding the excess poundage.  “I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable all the time,” she says, “and I know that being this overweight is very bad for my overall health.”

A bummer, right?  But it’s easy to imagine the bright flash of hope that Mo experienced a few weeks ago when she learned about the DMC 61 Day Health Challenge.

(The annual Challenge, in case you haven’t heard yet, is  a two-month period – November through December – in which Detroit-area residents both young and old take a special pledge to eat better, exercise more and learn more about good health and nutrition.)

This year’s Challenge will begin with a special KICK OFF gala event at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Auditorium in midtown Detroit, from ten a.m. to noon on Friday, October 30.

As Mo Minard discovered only recently, the Challenge was launched at DMC Harper Hospital a few years back, when I and a few of my colleagues realized that if we could help participants to avoid excess sugar and fried foods – while also eating more healthy fruit, exercising more and learning more about nutrition – all of us working together might be able to help make a dent in the so-called “obesity epidemic.”

This year’s Challenge Motto says it all, my friends: Less sugar, more steps, EAT MORE FRUIT!

As always, this year’s KICK OFF will be marked by the high-energy participation of our 2015 “Challenge Community Partners” – all of whom will be taking this year’s Challenge Pledge.  There will also be plenty of music, along with some upbeat presentations by different groups who are vowing to join the Challenge.

The gala Oct. 30 event is sure to be lots of fun . . . and Mo Minard says she can’t wait for the action to begin.

“As a professional healthcare provider, I know that education is the key to better health,” she said the other day, “and I’m excited about the opportunity to take part in this year’s Challenge.

“For several months now, I’ve been telling myself: You can do it, Mo.  You can do this.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  If you slip once or twice, that’s okay . . . because with the 61 Day Challenge, recovery can always begin at your very next mealtime.

“Right now I’m feeling very optimistic about taking the Pledge – see you October 30th at the KICK OFF!”

[To learn more about the KICK OFF event, contact Tonita Cheatham at 313-966-4012 or cheatham@dmc.org.]

Annual “61 Day Challenge” to Kick Off With Gala Fun-Fest at DMC on Oct 30th

15677451492_f4fa74be1c_kHave you heard the good news?

And are you ready to join the celebration . . . on Friday, October 30th (ten a.m. to noon) at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Auditorium in midtown Detroit?

That’s when the 2015 KICK OFF of the yearly 61 Day Challenge will highlight the start of another exciting two months of eating better, exercising more and learning more about good health and nutrition for all of us in Detroit and southeast Michigan!

Okay . . . so right now a few of you might be asking yourselves: “What is the 61 Day Challenge, anyway?”

Here’s the answer, in exactly 29 words: The Challenge is a voluntary health education campaign (sponsored by the DMC) that emphasizes fitness, good nutrition and health education – along with some strong-minded commitment from everyone involved.

The Challenge is also a great opportunity for Detroit-area citizens of all ages to share the pay-off of getting healthier by cutting back on empty calories, engaging in more exercise and learning more about good nutrition.

This year’s Challenge Motto says it all: “Less sugar, more steps, EAT MORE FRUIT!”

My friends, as the president of both DMC Harper Hospital and DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital, I’ve long been convinced that education about good nutrition and the health-value of exercise is the key to improving our health.

Which is precisely why several of my colleagues and I decided to launch the yearly Challenge as a community health-education program a few years ago.

For me and my fellow healthcare providers at the DMC, the 2015 Challenge Motto hits the nail squarely on the head.  Why?  Because if we can eat less fat and less sugar by eating less candy, soda pop and fried foods . . . while also exercising more and adding nutritious fruit to our daily diet, we’ll be well on our way to success at significantly improving our health.

Of course, the October 30th KICK OFF of this year’s Challenge will also be highlighted by the gung-ho participation of our 2015 “Challenge Community Partners” – all of whom will be taking this year’s Challenge Pledge.  This year’s lineup of Community Partners includes:

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated

Illitch Holdings

Cornerstone Health High School

Medical Weight Loss Clinic

DRH Employee Engagement Committee

Quicken Loans

Harper Employee Engagement Committee

US Department of Probations

The Links – Renaissance Chapter (Detroit)

Sounds like a pretty hard-hitting lineup, don’t you think?

As always, this year’s Challenge KICK OFF promises to be a high-spirited shindig full of colorful balloons, flying confetti, music, laughter and several interesting presentations by our fired-up Community Partners.

It’s going to be an exciting blast-off for sure . . . and I’m already looking forward to seeing you there!

To learn more about the KICK OFF event, contact Tonita Cheatham at 313-966-4012 or cheatham@dmc.org.





Is Too Much Sitting Bad For Children?

Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times Well Blog has shed light on a potential issue. Reynolds writes that “Children who sit too much may face adult-size health consequences,” and it certainly seems that way from her article.

Reynolds reports, “Ali McManus, an associate professor of pediatric exercise physiology at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, and her colleagues decided to ask children to sit still.

In general, today’s children are doing plenty of that. One recent large-scale epidemiological study reported that children across the globe sit for about 8.5 hours every day. Another recent study found that activity levels among children dropped precipitously after about age 8 and continue to fall through adolescence, with young people trading movement for sitting.”

While we have long known about the health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle in adults, this study is one of the first to properly examine what happens to children when they sit too much. The results of the study, and this blog as a whole are well worth a visit. You can read Gretchen Reynold’s blog post in its entirety HERE.