Which Is Better: Walking OR Elliptical?

15677451492_f4fa74be1c_kLast year’s 61 Day Challenge at the DMC – our annual focus on healthy lifestyle management – was entitled: “Less Sugar – More Steps.” This challenge was a call to consume less refined sugars, substitute with complex sugars and increase physical activity.

This blog has focused primarily on the “less sugar” aspect of the challenge but I recently came across an excellent answer to the question, “How does walking compare with working out on an elliptical machine?”

This blog in the “Well” column of the New York Times gives an expansive answer, as well as this quote:

“Over all, the latest research suggests that elliptical machines are a good choice for people with creaky knees and the patience to master the machine’s operations. Others may prefer to walk.”

You can read more on “Walking vs. Elliptical Machine, Redux” HERE

New to the 61 Day Challenge? You can learn more about the 61 Day Challenge here: www.dmc.org/61DayChallenge

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