Link Between Sugary Soda and Accelerated Aging

61daysPyramidA recent article which talks about the link between drinking sugary soda and accelerated aging, offers another prescient reminder of the health benefits of giving up soda pop. The Washington Post piece, which refers to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, says that as well as diabetes and obesity, soda pop drinkers may also suffer from the effects of accelerated aging.

“We think we can get away with drinking lots of soda as long as we are not gaining weight, but this suggests that there is an invisible pathway that leads to accelerated aging, regardless of weight,” said psychiatry professor Elissa Epel, a senior author of the study mentioned in the article.

To read the full Washington Post article, entitled “Study: Sugary sodas linked to accelerated aging” please click HERE and share with those trying to give up soda pop.

You can also read more about the 61 Day Challenge that kicks off next week HERE.

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