Fruit Juice vs Soda

A piece published earlier this month on NPR’s website talks about common misconceptions with regards to fruit juices and how healthy they are. Readers are pointed toward a new study in the journal Nutrition where new light is shed on the fructose concentration in fruit juices, and more importantly, how it is very similar to the fructose concentration in soda too…

I urge all my readers to go to the following link, read the article, and keep in mind that fruit juice often has a similar fructose content to soda pop: 

The NEW Heart of Detroit

This summer the new heart of Detroit will be unveiled: DMC Heart Hospital. I was at the Belle Isle Grand Prix this weekend to talk to WXYZ Channel 7 about our new Heart Hospital, how it will be the first and only heart hospital in the state, and the first new hospital in the city of Detroit for a generation. These are truly exciting times to be at the DMC.