The Earth’s Special Blessing

This week is Nurses Week, a special week. We honored the wonderful nurses at DMC Harper Hutzel Hospital with a Nurses Week Celebration, and below you will find my poem that I read at the event, as well as a gallery of pictures (which you can also view here: Join me in thanking our nurses this week, and every week, they deserve it.

The Earth’s Special Blessing
by Reginald J Eadie, MD

In the beginning were God’s creations
what He made for man was a treat,
But when He took -that final glance
He saw -his work was still incomplete

So He created the doctor as best He could
But the patient’s approval was without stamp
So He gave a vision to his daughter named Florence
and declared her “the one with the lamp”

Because He needed a heart -that was full of compassion
And a hand with a soft tender touch,
He needed an eye that could see in dark times
And a voice that never cried “it’s too much”

He needed more empathy and tad bit more sympathy
Spread across this great land
Needed Someone to do what nobody else will,
In a way that nobody else can!

The mold of perfection, the sacrifice of a saint,
To create Earth’s much needed gift
But with sickness and pain encroaching his people
His work- impeccable, yet swift

He told His Angels: go prepare a place
Of serenity in the heavens above
Because the human beings who assumed this role,
Will need peace and redemptive love

Because they give -when there’s nothing left,
and they hope -even when futile
For the down and out, the sick and shut-in
They smile and make life worthwhile

A profession was needed -to subdue sorrow,
Pain and hurt to curse
For God so loved the world, you see
That He blessed it with a Nurse

Thank you

So here’s a toast to the work you do,
and for bringing such good cheer!
Please stand and help me congratulate
our Nurses of the Year:
Patricia Couzens, Dana Wolak and James Reppert


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