Rest in peace Rev. Angelo Henderson

After learning that Detroit lost a friend, an activist and an informer, my thoughts immediately went to the lyrics sang by Michael Jackson and brothers in 1976. The song was called “Good Times” and that is exactly what Angelo Henderson gave Detroit as he served her tenaciously.
I think about the good times
Nothing but the good times
I think about the good times
We shared together
It’s funny things don’t always
Go the way you want them to
Although we’re not together
(Although we’re not together)
I treasure our experience with you
Rest in peace Rev. Henderson
Max White at WXYZ Detroit has written an excellent piece on Rev. Henderson’s life and achievements, which is well worth looking at, as is the accompanying video. You can see both by clicking HERE.

Angelo Henderson was a genuine, vibrant and talented man and we will remember him always. He graciously welcomed myself and other physicians into his studio on many occasions. Below are some photos from our many visits to WCHB.



One thought on “Rest in peace Rev. Angelo Henderson

  1. I worked with Rev. Angelo in his Outreach Evangelism Ministry! What a great human being! His service touched so many lives! GOD bless.

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