FDA advice on chemical in fries, chips and coffee

A recent Detroit Free Press article examines the FDA’s advice for reducing acrylamide, a chemical “produced when fries turn crispy and toast turns brown,’ that is present in fries, chips and coffee.

Crispy French fries and crunchy potato chips were never health foods, what with all the calories, fat and salt. But consumers just got a reminder that there’s one more thing to worry about when they indulge in such foods: a chemical called acrylamide that might cause cancer.

In light of new research on rodents about a possible cancer link, the FDA is now recommending that potato growers to ” favor low-sugar varieties that produce less acrylamide and urging processors to decrease frying temperatures, tweak ingredients and avoid certain storage practices.” For now, acrylamide looks like it can be added to the ever growing list of health risks associated with eating fries…

You can view the complete Free Press article at http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/201311231442/FEATURES08/311230042

As part of our 61 Day Challenge we are encouraging people to “take the pledge” and give up fried food and soda pop for the months of November and December – learn more at www.dmc.org/61Days 

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