Positive Reaction to the 61 Day Challenge

Since we kicked off the 61 Day Challenge, asking you to say “no” to fried food and soda pop throughout November and December, there has been a huge response. Below is just a sample of some of the reaction to our 61 Day Challenge from social networks and the media.

Reaction on Twitter

Reaction in the Media

FOX 2 Detroit: Hospital President Rallies To Live Healthier

Detroit Free Press: Benjamin Carson students kick off 61 Day Challenge

WWJ/CBS: Take the 61-day Holiday Health Challenge

WCHB AM 1200: 61-day Health Challenge. No Soda Pop. No Fried Foods

Other coverage:

My Fox Twin Cities: Hospital President Rallies Detroiters to Live Healthier

DetroitK12.org: Kick The Soda and Fried Food Habit

NewsRT.us: Skip Pop and Fried Foods to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Laprensatoledo.com: 61 Day Challenge

Detroit City & Press: 61 Day Challenge

Quicken Loans Blog: Opportunity Detroit: Get Plugged In

One thought on “Positive Reaction to the 61 Day Challenge

  1. Dr. Eadie,
    It’s no surprise to me there has been such a positive response to the 61 Day Challenge. I can’t believe we are half way through it!!! For very personal reasons in my family it became critically important that I make better food choices and the 61 Day Challenge came right on time to help me make those changes. So far I’ve lost 9 pounds which is great!

    Buuuutttt…… I slipped up a few times. Especially over this Thanksgiving break with my Nephew and other family celebrations. What can I do now to revitalize my efforts at this half way point or do I need to start all over again?

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