Emergency Manager needed to address Detroit’s healthcare crisis

An Emergency Manager was assigned to the Detroit Public School System in response to a financial deficiency in the hundreds of millions of dollars, along with a declining student enrollment. An Emergency Manager was also granted to the city of Detroit as our city’s challenges grew and the whispers of bankruptcy became a widespread dialogue. eadieroof

The intent was to provide financial and operational stability to the city and its public school system so that its citizens and their posterity can enjoy a life of peace and blessings. These Emergency Managers are expected to mitigate and rectify catastrophes.

Under the direction of the preamble of the U.S. Constitution, in order to form a more perfect Detroit, we must also promote the general welfare of our citizens. I am afraid, however, that we have forgotten about the failing health of Detroiters. I suspect that we fail to remember that our beloved city is one of the nation’s most obese. We seem to disregard an alarming fact that Detroiters are more likely to die from certain conditions, such as breast and prostate cancer. Some of us mistakenly overlook the rising rate of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure in the Motor City.

There is also an Emergency Manager available to address our city’s healthcare crisis. This Emergency Health & Wellness Manager, who has the ability to correct the tragedy within our city is …YOU!

It is you who possesses the innate ability to make the change our community so desperately needs. It is you who can agree to gain a better understanding of your family history and then exercise the discipline of dealing with and avoiding early disease and death. If necessary, it is you that has the ability to lower the community’s Body Mass Indexes that equate to being overweight or obese. You can reshape the community culture to one where healthy foods and regular exercise play an integral part of our family matters.

The Emergency Health & Wellness Manager lies within the hearts & minds of every single Detroiter. While most Emergency Managers have well-known names, multiple degrees and many years of corporate experience in managing finances, you certainly don’t need any of this to prove successful. What you will need however, is a strong commitment and a Health & Wellness partner.

I visualize this partnership helping the citizens of Detroit and the employees of the Detroit Medical Center accomplish the following:

• Learn your ideal Body Mass Index. Get there and stay there.
• Understand your family medical history and your risk of acquiring hereditary conditions.
• Change your way of thinking and your choice of foods.
• Change your level of activity.
• Educate your family, friends and community on the importance of proper eating and the importance of exercise.
• Maintain this new way of life.

Let’s get started right away. First off, accept the role as one of our city’s Emergency Health & Wellness Managers and join us in our upcoming 61 Day Challenge, kicking off at Sinai-Grace on Oct. 31, to change our way of thinking and our choice of foods. Stay tuned. Together, we can be the change we wish to see in our city.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter at @PagingDrEadie.

Dr. Reginald Eadie

DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through PagingDrEadie.com are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

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