The dangers of fried foods

When my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I decided to do a literature search on current environmental causes of this much too common disease. Having been well aware of the fact that there is a genetic component to all diseases, I reminded myself that I needed to better understand how what I eat influences whether or not I too will end up suffering from this second leading cause of cancer death in American men.

By serendipity, the first article I came across – an article published by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center entitled “Study Finds Eating Deep-Fried Food is Associated With an Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer.” The article highlighted how some of our favorite foods (e.g., doughnuts, fried chicken and French fries) , when fried, increases men’s risk for prostate cancer. This occurs because when oil is heated to temperatures suitable for deep-frying, cancer-causing chemicals are formed.

It is no secret that fried foods are linked to heart disease, breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer as well as head and neck cancer, but it really hit home with me after reading about its connection to the disease that afflicted my father.

Interestingly, I later ran across an article entitled “The Five Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat” by Dr. Mercola. In his article, Dr. Mercola suggested that the five foods that cause the most damage to our bodies include:

Soda Pop
French Fries (merely all commercially-fried foods)
Potato chips
Fried non-fish seafood

After reading the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center article and connecting it to my dad, and then subsequently reading the Dr. Mercola article about the worst foods one can eat, the light bulb of life, liberty and longevity came on. I realized that our 2012 Say No To Soda Pop campaign just wasn’t enough and the community deserved much more. It didn’t tell the whole story or include enough bad food. With the right 2013 campaign, we could immediately begin preventing disease and saving lives. I knew the right approach would be reached after a conversation with the Sinai-Grace Health & Wellness Team (i.e., Katrina McCree, Jennie Miller, Melanie Moss, Joi Little, Craig DeLeon). We came up with a 61 Day Challenge.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Reginald Eadie
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

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3 thoughts on “The dangers of fried foods

  1. Thanks for the information. Dr. Mercola shares fascinating information. Cancer wasn’t a major cause of death 100 or so years ago but since our eating habits changed so did the risk of cancers. Food addictions and additives make it difficult for people to resist foods they have been raised on and love and sometimes actually crave

  2. When does the 61 Day Challenge begin? The No Soda Pop campaign wasn’t very challenging for me personally, because I’ve never been a big pop drinker, but I was at Dutch Girl Donuts yesterday afternoon. This sounds like a great opportunity to learn to use food as a tool to help our bodies, instead of a tasty weapon to destroy. So….when does the challenge begin?

    Wishing good health, vitality and longevity to you and your Dad!!

  3. Enjoyed the acticles. I have been an advocate of eating health for awhile now. I actually don’t eat fried foods. Also, food for thought, to ensure my daughter eats her daily amount of fruits and veggie, I have incorporated homemade smoothies mixed with fruits, veggies, and a little drop of honey, as part of her after school snack.

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