Celebrating one of our own

Our physicians do heroic work each and every day at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital but one of them went above and beyond recently while on his morning commute to work.


On Friday, Aug. 2, Dr. Prashanth Senthil, an internal medicine resident at Sinai-Grace, came upon a multiple car accident on Jefferson Ave. near the Renaissance Center downtown. Dr. Senthil’s human instincts kicked in and he moved his car to block
traffic, pulled victims out of the crashed cars and tended to their injuries before EMS arrived some 40 minutes later.
Dr. Senthil’s incredible story was quickly shared throughout the Detroit Medical Center and eventually got the attention of local media and the surrounding community. It’s a wonderful thing when we have the chance to celebrate one of our own like this.
Our Facebook posts on the story have exploded in the days since, garnering a total of 203 likes and 5,632 views.
Here are the links to our posts:
Here’s the link to the FOX2 story:
Here’s the link to the WWJ Newsradio story:


Dr. Reginald Eadie
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through PagingDrEadie.com are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

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