Report: 8 foods we eat in the U.S. that are banned in other countries

Check out this link for a BuzzFeed report on eight foods we eat in the U.S. that are banned in other countries. I’m curious to know your thoughts. Please share in the comment section below.


Dr. Reginald Eadie
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

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4 thoughts on “Report: 8 foods we eat in the U.S. that are banned in other countries

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this article. It was very enlightening. I understand why these foods are banned in certain countries now. America needs to follow suit. However, I doubt if that will happen. “The powers that be” really don’t care about our health and well-being, which is evidenced in all of the poisonous items that are readily available to U.S. citizens. Between the food industry and the government, we don’t have a chance unless we refuse to buy what is on the shelves. We can all choose a vegetarian lifestyle. We can also follow the dietary laws in the Bible too. I have been playing around with my dietary habits since 2002. I tried the vegetarian lifestyle three times. I guess I’m not doing something right because I always feel weak on the vegetarian diet. I keep going back to meat, dairy, and processed foods. As of two weeks ago, I only eat vegetables, fruits, and meats (lamb, steak, chicken, and fish), and I drink eight ounces of water every day. I no longer drink pop! (Thanks to the info you shared in your “Say No to Pop” campaign). I was addicted to that stuff! I was drinking a two liter a day! Very bad! The great thing about America is we have freedom so we can choose our lifestyle. I choose to follow the dietary laws in the Bible now. That’s my choice. After reading that article, I am concerned about the chemicals injected in steak and chicken. I might need to readjust my diet again. Anyway, it seems like something is wrong with all the meat in America. GOD bless.

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