Donate Life.

Editor’s Note: DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital President Dr. Reginald Eadie was recently honored by the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office with the annual Shining Star Award, recognizing his advocacy for organ and tissue donation. The award was presented to Dr. Eadie in conjunction with Gift of Life Michigan and the Michigan Eye-Bank.EadieShiningStar1

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and the most inhumane.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life. Life is God’s most precious gift to each and every one of us. Now, what we choose to do with this gift is a symbol of our appreciation to God. Wrapped up in this gift of life includes our ability to create new life. Many of us are parents and can appreciate how powerful and rewarding procreation is! But then, there’s another power bestowed upon us all, and that is the power to restore life.

Organ donation restores life. When there is restored life, there is restored love. And where there is restored love, there is restored hope. A restored hope for families, for sisterhood, for brotherhood, for peace and for statesmanship.

I’m honored to have been recognized for exceptional dedication, outstanding support, novel partnerships and extraordinary efforts in the area of organ and tissue donor awareness by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, Gift of Life Michigan and the Michigan Eye-Bank. But now I will take the time to recognize each and every one of you. Recognize you as the change agents that this state needs by exercising your God-given ability to restore life by becoming an organ donor.

I’m remembering another thing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Stars only shine in the dark.” We are all stars and with so many Michiganders suffering from organ failure, these are very dark times. Let’s do the right thing and all be shining stars that shine a bright light on this issue…and fix it.

Dr. Reginald Eadie
DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

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One thought on “Donate Life.

  1. Story Core usually well represents the humanity of things. Driving in this morning, today’s reminded me of your recent blog. Also, I had the priviledge of taking the scribe notes at the recent CMS audit during the organ donation interview. The tender and expeditious way this difficult challenge must be handled is truly an accomplishment. Applause to the driven and compassionate staff that approaches these scenerios. May these glowing examples more often out-shine human slights or slips in compassionate responsiveness.

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