Three weeks pop-free?

We’re just about three weeks into our Say No to Soda Pop campaign and I’m still very excited and proud of all the participants. I’d love to hear some feedback on your experience. How has it been going since you took the pledge?

For all you diet pop addicts out there, here’s a great article from MSN about the Seven Side-Effects of Drinking Diet Soda:

Dr. Reginald Eadie
Sinai-Grace Hospital

Join us in ridding ourselves of the No. 1 source of calories: SODA POP. November is our official SAY NO TO SODA POP month. To learn more about how you can take the pledge and immediately start reducing those extra calories, visit the website

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Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

2 thoughts on “Three weeks pop-free?

  1. Dear Dr. Reginald Eadie:
    I absolutely love the message that you brought to the e-news & community regarding soda pop, and the stand you take! You have inspired so many.

    I have chosen to give up soda pop also, its been about a year that I have not indulged. While losing weight wasn’t my primary focus for choosing to avoid soda, reducing sugar in my diet was! I have not only saved money by not purchasing soda, my teeth are cavity free, I’m more hydrated by choosing to drink more water, and feel healthier. I drink teas, water, and juices which focus on hydration and natural flavor, sweetness.

    Thank you for your example, I know many more will follow in your path.

    Best Wishes,
    Tracy Olane

  2. I too went the whole month and will continue this habit. I quit with pop a couple years ago and started up again recently when working for a popular restaurant chain. I left there in July and started at the DMC. I have been very inspired by programs like this to continue in my healthy lifestyle journey. This wa a great idea and I look forward to more to share with coworkers friends and family!

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