Say No to Soda Pop campaign kick-off event a success

Our Say No to Soda Pop campaign has officially begun. The DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital family came together on Wednesday, Oct. 31 to take the pledge and kick-start our health.

I was pleasantly surprised and very proud to see the incredible turnout at the event. It brought tears to my eyes to see all of our partners front and center. It was standing-room only and the energy was palpable. Especially the children – this is all about the kids and ensuring that they have the knowledge and the tools to live long and healthy lives. Everyone rallied, and we’re going to continue to rally for the entire month of November.

I want to thank Thomas Stallworth III, Edith Killins, Irma Clark-Coleman, André Spivey, the students at Ben Carson High School and Cornerstone Health High School, Detroit Public Schools Office of School Nutrition, Whole Foods, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, Elder Law of Michigan, the Rev. Horace Sheffield, The Water Station, Spike Life Communities and the Metro Detroit National Black Child Development, and everyone at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital who helped us make this campaign a success.

I wish all of you who have taken the pledge much success this month, and I encourage you to reflect upon and share your progress. Post your comments here.

Dr. Reginald Eadie
Sinai-Grace Hospital

Join us in ridding ourselves of the No. 1 source of calories: SODA POP. November is our official SAY NO TO SODA POP month. To learn more about how you can take the pledge and immediately start reducing those extra calories, visit the website

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Please note that the views expressed by Dr. Eadie through are that of the individual only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Detroit Medical Center.

2 thoughts on “Say No to Soda Pop campaign kick-off event a success

  1. Kudos to you Dr. Eadie and Sinai Grace team for launching this great initiative toward improved health of our youth, the citizens of Detroit and in the largest sense, our World. It has been my clinical and personal experience, that most people want to initiate positive changes in their lives, but they need a practical plan on how to begin. Also, in our economic times, as we struggle to meet our most basic needs, their is the perception that improving our diets will be expensive and is out our reach. That’s what I really love about the No Soda Pop initiative, it’s not requiring anyone to add anything, but instead to eliminate soda pop to gain improved health. This empowers EVERYONE and is inclusive of us all!

    Loved the sugar demonstration with Guy Gordon! That was enlightening! I also love that the high school students are engaged! Will you keep us posted as you learn of the positive outcomes in the lives of the people who participate? I hope so!

  2. Hi Dr. Eadie,

    I think it was great you kicked off the “Say No to Soda Pop” campaign. I have been off soda for 5 years now so I didn’t feel so deprived. I thought drinking diet soda was good and healthy but I had this pain in my side that was getting increasing worse, year after year. I figured I’d start eliminating foods from my diet and see what happens. Wouldn’t you know, I eliminated the soda and there went the pain! I can’t believe I drank diet pop for 25 years, no wonder I have so many tummy problems. I am considered over weight so when my doctor told me that drinking soda leads to metabolic syndrome that was enough for me to never drink it again.

    So whats next Dr. Eadie? Think you’ll do a “No Fried Foods” campaign? Sounds like something I would be interested in participating in! lol

    Linda Schatzberg

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