More Warnings About The Dangers of Drinking Soda…

I recently came across yet another prescient reminder of the dangers of drinking soda pop in an article entitled How Soda Destroys Your Body. The article has a very informative “infographic” that describes the many ways that soda can be damaging to your health, from increasing the risk of diabetes to accelerated aging.

Be sure to check out the article here: and share with those trying to give up soda pop.

Changing Nutritional Labels…

Please take the time to read the article linked below, it highlights the growing concern that nutritional labels might be moving toward removing an “added sugars” category. As the article itself states:

“The rising consumption of sugar, particularly in sugary drinks, has been directly linked to the obesity epidemic in the United States, according to scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health, the University of California San Francisco and Indiana University”

It’s important that we are aware of this, and of any possible changes in nutritional labels.

The original article can be seen here, and is worth reading:

Fruit Juice vs Soda

A piece published earlier this month on NPR’s website talks about common misconceptions with regards to fruit juices and how healthy they are. Readers are pointed toward a new study in the journal Nutrition where new light is shed on the fructose concentration in fruit juices, and more importantly, how it is very similar to the fructose concentration in soda too…

I urge all my readers to go to the following link, read the article, and keep in mind that fruit juice often has a similar fructose content to soda pop: 

The NEW Heart of Detroit

This summer the new heart of Detroit will be unveiled: DMC Heart Hospital. I was at the Belle Isle Grand Prix this weekend to talk to WXYZ Channel 7 about our new Heart Hospital, how it will be the first and only heart hospital in the state, and the first new hospital in the city of Detroit for a generation. These are truly exciting times to be at the DMC.


The Earth’s Special Blessing

This week is Nurses Week, a special week. We honored the wonderful nurses at DMC Harper Hutzel Hospital with a Nurses Week Celebration, and below you will find my poem that I read at the event, as well as a gallery of pictures (which you can also view here: Join me in thanking our nurses this week, and every week, they deserve it.

The Earth’s Special Blessing
by Reginald J Eadie, MD

In the beginning were God’s creations
what He made for man was a treat,
But when He took -that final glance
He saw -his work was still incomplete

So He created the doctor as best He could
But the patient’s approval was without stamp
So He gave a vision to his daughter named Florence
and declared her “the one with the lamp”

Because He needed a heart -that was full of compassion
And a hand with a soft tender touch,
He needed an eye that could see in dark times
And a voice that never cried “it’s too much”

He needed more empathy and tad bit more sympathy
Spread across this great land
Needed Someone to do what nobody else will,
In a way that nobody else can!

The mold of perfection, the sacrifice of a saint,
To create Earth’s much needed gift
But with sickness and pain encroaching his people
His work- impeccable, yet swift

He told His Angels: go prepare a place
Of serenity in the heavens above
Because the human beings who assumed this role,
Will need peace and redemptive love

Because they give -when there’s nothing left,
and they hope -even when futile
For the down and out, the sick and shut-in
They smile and make life worthwhile

A profession was needed -to subdue sorrow,
Pain and hurt to curse
For God so loved the world, you see
That He blessed it with a Nurse

Thank you

So here’s a toast to the work you do,
and for bringing such good cheer!
Please stand and help me congratulate
our Nurses of the Year:
Patricia Couzens, Dana Wolak and James Reppert


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Enrolling Detroiters in the My Healthy Michigan Plan


Yesterday, our in-house Certified Application Counselors at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital successfully enrolled local Detroiters in the My Healthy Michigan Plan, the state’s new, expanded Medicaid program that begins April 1. If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling, call (888) DMC-2500 or visit for more information or to make an appointment. The DMC is also hosting an enrollment event from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 26 at Cass Technical High School.